The modern day company, Sargent’s Pty Ltd, is a privately owned Australian Manufacturer. The company started in the 1970’s with a staff of 6 and today Sargents Pty Ltd employs over 250 staff and supplies the major supermarket chains across Australia. Its brands include Sargents, Big Ben and Scott’s. Today Sargents is one of the major players in the frozen pie market and continues to grow due to its commitment to quality in all aspects of its products.

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2003 Sargents launched its Premium range of products into the market.

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Sargents Pty Ltd purchased the Big Ben brand from George Weston Foods.

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A planned relaunch the Sargent’s brand and ever increasing sales saw the company move to its present, larger premises located in Colyton, NSW.

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The company continued to produce frozen pies for the retail market and expanded into producing family pies and sausage rolls.

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Due to the huge increase in sales the company moved to bigger premises in Smithfield, NSW. The company ceased selling fresh pies and cakes and moved into the frozen pies market.

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The present owner of Sargents Pty Ltd purchased the Scott’s & Ireland’s company acquiring the brand names of Scott’s, Cottage Maid, Sargent’s and Ireland’s. The factory and equipment were moved to Cleveland Avenue, in Surry Hills NSW where the business concentrated on selling fresh pies and cakes to small shops and canteens.

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Sargents Company sold to Scotts Provisions who also purchased Ireland’s cakes and become known as Scott’s & Ireland’s. Scott’s Pies were also sold at the Royal Easter Show.

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All Tea Rooms were closed. After many years Sargents ceased selling their meat pies at the Royal Easter Show.

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Sargents Tea Rooms started to close.

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